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AIspace Ventures is a founder-led early stage AI fund. We help fellow founders build world-shaping Generative AI, AR/VR and AI/ML companies by providing mentorship, networks and funding. We have been in Silicon Valley for over 30 years building highly successful Cloud Infrastructure, Saas and AI companies. We have deep expertise in scaling emerging technologies, driving new product adoption and enabling profitable sales growth.


Generative AI presents an enormous opportunity for startups to enable firms to make the seismic shift to data-driven, AI-centric business models. All firms must now grasp the outsized impact on operations, strategy and competition from AI-driven automation, including content generation, co-pilots and data-driven insights.

Democratized access to Generative AI models and services means that competitors have access to similar capabilities. To create sustained competitive advantage, companies need to leverage the key driver of business value in an AI-enabled world: proprietary domain-specific data. Data will not only be embedded in every decision, interaction, and workflow in the firm, but also be processed and delivered in real-time.

We invest in founding teams, with deep tech or domain-specific knowledge, building critical Generative AI Infrastructure such as LLM-specific compute, data management, storage and security or Applications with engaging multi-modal human-equivalent interactions.

We enable startups to create value from these opportunities by helping them drive new product adoption, manage profitable sales growth and scale emerging technologies.


We have taken multiple businesses from early concept to hundreds of millions in revenue, sustained profitability, and meaningful exits. We have both raised capital as founders, hired and led technical and business teams through hypergrowth, and led negotiations for partnerships, large enterprise sales, mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. Our experience spans SaaS and Infrastructure for Cloud, Storage, Networking, Security and AI. We have invested in and mentored startups from seed stage to venture funding in areas relevant to the AI landscape. 

Ravi Sundararajan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Founder, COO at GupShup. Pre-IPO Exec at Akamai. VP at Palm/HP. McKinsey. Harvard MBA.

Rajiv Khemani
Co-Founder & Partner

Founder & CEO, Auradine, Innovium. COO at Cavium. GM at Intel. NetApp. Stanford MBA.


We invest in founding teams, with deep tech or domain-specific knowledge, building Generative AI Infrastructure (LLM-specific compute, data management, storage, security, middleware) and Applications (engaging, multi-modal experiences for data collection, personalization and human-equivalent interactions). 

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Are you a Builder?

We love hearing from innovation-obsessed founding teams creating disruptive and delightful products enabling AI-driven automation. Include a pitch deck with details of your product, team, market with live product links or demo videos. Do mention any references or mutual connections you want us to talk to.

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